Coffee and Studying

My favorite way to spend an afternoon here at Campbell University is drinking coffee and getting some homework accomplished in the library or on-campus Starbucks. The Starbucks is located inside the library, which is great when you need a pick-me-up during a long study session. Usually, the library is not very busy and extremely quiet. It is nice to be able to work without many distractions.


When I work in the library, I always stop and get something to encourage me at the Starbucks. It’s the only coffee shop on campus so it’s a place I frequent often. When I went to the counter to order, I chose a Grande Vanilla Latte. It is one of my staples for when I get coffee out. It is a strong cup of espresso with just enough milk and sweetness for my liking.


Usually the CU Starbucks does not have any of the cool promotions a normal Starbucks would have, but today was a surprise when I found out that we had the Color Me Spring cup collection here at CU. My favorite season is spring, and I am in love with the spring cups. The colors are so festive and it is an exciting way to bring in the new season.